About Steve Griffin

Steve Griffin Steve Griffin, born in Chicago, Illinois in 1953 was the third oldest of 6 children. Although his early interest in art produced several awards in his youth , his spirit was beckoned by adventure and at age 19 he joined the U.S. Navy. Steve toured the Mediterranean as an aviation technician on the flight deck of an Aircraft Carrier. During which his passion for the marine world surfaced. His infatuation with the sea continue with sailing adventures in the Caribbean basin and in the late 70's his technical and creative abilities combined to design and build custom 60' sailing yachts . Later while refurbishing yachts in his own marine business, Steve began experimenting sand blasting techniques and designs in glass and mirror . Utilizing his creative ideas and technical background, enhancement of light systems, and accent paints; help create the unique artwork for which he is now so sought after.

What distinguishes Steve's artwork is his relentless pursuit of detail combined with his limitless imagination and innovative technical skill. These abilities provide the path to immortalize your dreams in glass!

In pursuit of his own dreams, adventure lures Steve to dive exotic tropical waters, and explore Amazonian Rain Forests. He is also particularly fond of Costa Rica. All of which inspire him further. When his energies are not focused on a new design, Steve has been concentrating his efforts on the planning and construction of his new studio and residence in Costa Rica and presently ( Feb. 15) is in the process of moving there. There certainly will be some adjustment period, but everything should be up and running by late fall of 2015...stay tuned here for the latest jungle inspired designs...new requests will be entertained in early 2016.

Steve has some property for sale down there...for like minded individuals. For those interested parties, click here